Garden ants

It’s not just one or two ants that appear in your home or garden but a whole troop arrive and suddenly they are everywhere. Although generally harmless they don’t make for pleasant house guests and can containment your food
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The most common species of Ant in the UK is the Black Garden Ant (Lasiuis Niger). These can live peacefully with humans when they stay in the garden. As soon as they start coming into your house they become a pest. They do not carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans but can contaminate food and living areas.
Ants are very seasonal and become a more prominent problem during the summer months. Colonies are often found in garden paving and house foundations. A colony would be made up of one queen and 4,000 – 6,000 workers who are all sterile females. The queen produces all of the young and will go on mating flights on hot humid days in July and August. These mating’s flights can contain thousands of winged individuals all flying together.