All species have four developmental stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.
Moths do not represent a health hazard; however they cause severe damage to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets.
In all species, the moth’s larva is the most detrimental stage. These pests cause extensive and costly damage to carpets and household furnishings by these pests.
Moths can lay as many as 200-300 eggs which in turn can hatch in a very short space of time (7-10 days) causing widespread destruction to many household items over a short period of time. They are often found in dark undisturbed places, under sofas and chairs, in drawers, under furniture, beneath carpets and underlay, between floorboards, skirting boards, birds and wasp nests - the list is almost endless.
Moth Control and Treatment
As with all pests, locating the source is the best place to start. Common-sense predicts that insecticides need to be in contact with the insect at all stages of the life cycle, therefore all areas which they may frequent, feed, fly or lay eggs in need to be treated.