CCTV Systems

Abbey Service provides professional preventive maintenance, repair and installation of CCTV and access control system equipment.
Expert installation of CCTV systems for both home and business
Repairs and upgrades to existing camera systems
Professional advice on crime reduction, security and specialised CCTV

Whether you require a single camera or a more complex security solution, Abbey Services has the experience in designing and installing effective CCTV monitoring systems and access control systems, to keep your CCTV system in optimum working order and in compliance, we can also provide an individual maintenance contract.
Our services include checking the equipment and carry out necessary updates or repairs.
How CCTV can help?
CCTV helps to protect against thieves
CCTV is used in the offices to monitor employees and job performance
CCTV works around the clock, can be monitored remotely via the Internet
CCTV record can be presented to the police (in the court) as the evidence
It is not only large homes that are using CCTV – many home owners are looking for the reassurance that CCTV provides them.
Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday
Record activity for review at a later date
Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras
Keep an eye on who is visiting elderly or dependant relatives

Crime, theft, anti-social behaviour - the threat of becoming a victim is increasing every year throughout the world. Your home comfort and an established business can be ruined by just one case.

CCTV is the essential security measure in modern life that allows you to control what happens in your home or office, even if you are away from it. Video cameras are the restraining factor and help to stop hundreds of crimes.
Video surveillance of your own home is becoming increasingly popular security measure in recent years. Thanks to video surveillance system it is possible to keep under control everything that happens in your home while being away from it. Buying a domestic CCTV, you get the ability constantly to keep an eye on the work of the service personnel, repairmen, the child or pensioner, who stayed at home. Naturally, the video camera on the house often acts deterrent to burglars, thieves and other forms of antisocial behaviour.

The video surveillance set for installation at home includes one or several outdoor and indoor video cameras which are connected over a certain channel (cable or wireless) to a local network, a video register, the software and mounting hardware.

Abbey services provide Stand Alone DVR (Digital Video Recorders), which can be placed discretely in your home and record continuously. You can never predict a crime so having the peace of mind that your cameras are recording 24 hours a day, day after day is vital.
Mobile CCTV Monitoring has developed at a phenomenal rate in recent times, our CCTV Systems can be viewed on your iPhone, iPad or smart phone, call us today to learn more about mobile security and any of the aspects discussed above.
Many of the systems we sell are compatible with Smart Phones. If you’d like to view your CCTV footage through your phone, let us know when you request your quote.
The ability to view CCTV footage of your home on your phone is a powerful tool – not only while you are away, but it is also very easy to see what is going on outside, at your door, behind your garage – anywhere!
Weatherproof, exterior cameras provide high quality images for your CCTV installation. Get high definition, full colour resolution by day as well as night vision for use in low light and add optional pan/tilt zoom capability for greater flexibility. They can be configured as a wireless CCTV installation for wireless connection to your existing internet router.
Repairs & Maintenance
CCTV Systems get damaged, knocked and broken – so you need a partner who can respond quickly and efficiently to repair your system.
We have a network of engineers around the UK who can respond quickly.
Setup and adjustment of existing systems: Make sure your CCTV System is recording what you want, when you want it to.

Repairs to broken or damaged systems: We have a call out service for broken and damaged cameras and recorders.

Maintenance of existing CCTV Systems: Ask us about our maintenance plans – saving you money in the long-term.

Upgrading of older systems: Take full advantage of new technology and upgrade your existing system and see the benefits
Benefits: of CCTV
CCTV provides an exceptional deterrent to criminal activity. If you want to prevent criminals from approaching your property then a professional CCTV installation is one of the most effective ways of doing so.
CCTV can play a huge role in helping to bring criminals to justice. When a criminals breaks into a property with a professionally fitted CCTV system they will be caught on camera. This is footage which can then be used by police to help bring the perpetrator to justice.
The CCTV systems we install can be integrated into your Wi-Fi, allowing you to view live CCTV footage on your desktop, mobile or tablet from any remote location where you can connect to the internet.
CCTV provides 24 hour surveillance, so your property can enjoy high levels of security which are constant. When compared to the cost of employing security guards for 24 hours a day, a CCTV system offers superb value